GPRCAD is our flagship product designed to work with high end array radar systems. Built using an enterprise level database to enable the use of high volumes of data and multiple user access.


GPRCAD runs in true 64-bit on Windows 7 multi-core/multi-processor workstations to provide multi-threaded, workflow managed processing. The workflow manager keeps track of where it is in the post-processing of GPR data to enable it to continue from where it was in the event of any interruption.

Able to handle gigabytes of data creating horizontal plan-view timeslices of the entire collected data. Enabling the operator to draw cross section through the volume of data and view those sections as if they were normal B-scan profiles, allowing targets to be properly identified and accurately positioned.

Targets can be easily identified, labelled and linked together to form CAD objects. Each target has a layer association, which has its own colour, making it easy to visualise the data with each layer having the ability to be switched on and off as required.

GPRCAD Timeslice

Profiles can be viewed in topographical relief, as shown below:

GPRCAD Topographical Profiles