So what is GPRCADlt?

DiagramGPRCADlt is a simple yet extremely effective software tool that allows GPR data that is collected in the field to be quickly translated into 3 dimensional CAD drawings. Satisfying the Post-Processing requirement being recommended currently within the industry is easy when you are using GPRCADlt. The system will import data from virtually all the main GPR systems and therefore offers full flexibility to the user in being able to deploy the most appropriate system to a given application. As long as a few basic rules are followed on site, you will always have a consistent approach to the office based post processing of collected GPR data.

Simple step-by-step process

1) Collect GPR data in the field using flexible grids
2) Measure or topographically fix the corners of the flexible grids
3) Draw the radar data scan areas within CAD then pick the flexible     grid corners using our unique LISP routine
4) Import the GPR data and the positional file created using the LISP    routine into GPRCADlt
5) Calibrate the GPR data for depth against known pipe positions
6) Pick targets, draw around features, highlight anomalies, annotate and     link them together using strings
7) Export the results into a DXF file before importing them back into your     original CAD drawing
8) The targets, features and annotations are then displayed in the appropriate     layers within the CAD drawing in full 3D and in exactly the right position.

Sample screenshot

GPRCADlt screenshot

Why pay for software that you are not using?

GPRCADlt offers a far more cost effective solution than any other currently available for GPR data to CAD translation. You only pay for what you need via our web based licensing solution.

Download the latest version of GPRCADlt, install it, then purchase web licenses for the timeperiod that you wish to use the software. If you find you suddenly need more available seats you can simply create additional accounts and purchase licenses specifically for the project in hand.